Department of Artificial Intelligence has joined the European COST Action

Department of Artificial Intelligence KNURE joined the international ICT-project KEYSTONE program COST (operating under the Horizon 2020), which aims to build a joint European research area, for supporting this cooperation the best European scientists and the establishment of strong scientific networks.
Project KEYSTONE aims to create network of scientists working in fields related to the semantic data management (Semantic Web) search information, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing in order to encourage joint research and transfer of new technologies in the field of search based on keywords structured data sources.
Now Ukraine is not a permanent member of the program, so it can join the consortium as a neighboring country only in individual cases that detail the experts of the program and all participants of the consortium.
Within two months of the program, experts evaluated possibilities and potential of KNURE, and finally, there is a positive response: part of our university project KEYSTONE officially confirmed. The role of the representative of Ukraine in the project and the COST program in the region will serve as a senior lecturer in artificial intelligence, Ph.D. Golovyanko MV

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