British Council

The British Council is an international organization which was founded to create cooperation in the arts, culture and education between the people of the UK and the wider world.The British Council works in more than 110 countries around the world and employs over 7000 staff worldwide.

More than 60 000 people have joined the program and activities of the British Council last year, and 800 000 people have taken advantages of their digital resources for studying English.

Fields of the Council’s Activities:

  1. Getting Ukrainians acquainted with contemporary British art and diverse activities in the creative sector.
  2. Teaching English in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science and providing permanent internal trainings for teachers of educational institutions.
  3. Establishing relations between the UK and Ukrainein different fields, such as links between universities and employers, as well as the internationalization of higher education.

Every year The British Council organizes competitions of projects to receive grant funding. All the information is on the Council’s website:

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