Curricula Development for New Specialization: Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design (MastMST)

MastMST project
From 15 Oct 2012 an International project “Curricula Development for New Specialization: Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design 530785-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-PL-TEMPUS-JPCR” has been started. Design Automation Department of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics is a participant of the project. Project acronym: «MastMST».
Priority – Curricula Reform. Project duration is 4 years: 15 October 2012 – 14 October 2016. EU funding instrument: Interregional Program European Neighbourhoods and Partnership Instrument. Tempus grant amount: € 1 007 727,18.
 Technical University of Lodz, Poland
 Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany
 Lyon Institute of Applied Sciences, France
 University of Pavia, Italy
 Lviv National Polytechnical University, Ukraine
 Kharkiv National University of Radio electronics, Ukraine
 Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
 Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine
 Scientific Research Company “CARAT”, Ukraine
 Research Institute of Microdevices NAS of Ukraine
 Aldec-KTC Ltd., Ukraine
Project goals and objectives:
• Creating new specialization “Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design” for technical universities in Ukraine
• Developing curricula and teaching materials for new specialization with a focus on 3-cycle ECTS educational structure, degree and diploma recognition in the partner countries
• Establishing/modernization of two Microsystem laboratories (Design and Test) for new specialization in target UA universities
• Incorporating modern Microsystem technologies in actual bachelor engineering curricula in UA universities
• Organization of graduate (Master) and improve post-graduate (PhD) education in the domain of computer-aided design of Microsystem devices
• Preparing high-quality engineer professionals in modern high-tech domain for national microelectronic companies
• Promoting Summer Schools and students work practice in Microsystems Design within the knowledge triangle
• Realization of wide-range cooperation between UA & EU partner institutions for students exchange, joint MSc and PhD research
• Creating and adopting new specialization for Master speciality
• New curricula development for Microsystems Design specialization
• Establishing/modernization new Microsystems training laboratories
• Training UA academic staff for new specialization
• Advanced students training during work practice and technology courses
• Dissemination of project results between UA technical universities
• Project quality control and monitoring
• Management of the project
Project coordinator in Ukraine:
Lviv National Polytechnical University

Results. During Mast Mst TEMPUS Project the following results have been obtained:
 new curricula for Microsystems Design has been developed;
 2 courses for Ms-level and Bac-level have been developed:
VLSI Schematic Design and Simulation / V. Hahanov, I. Hahanova, Ye. Litvinova, М. Lobur, A. Hahanova – Kharkov: KhNure. – 2014. – 520 p.
Microsystems Testing Techniques / V. Hahanov, Ye. Litvinova, О. Matvyikiv, S. Chumachenko – 2014. – 484 p.
 the training of 4 teaching staff was in Pavia and Lodz;
 intensive technology course for 13 MS students in Technical University of Lodz and Lyon Institute of Applied Sciences;
 diploma project in Pavia and Lodz – 3 MS Students;
 Establishing of Microsystem laboratory (Design) for new specialization (25060.00 Euro).

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