A list of topics to prepare for the entrance test for junior specialists

A list of topics for the interview program in Higher mathematics

  1. Coordinate method. Lines and their equations.
  2. Straight line.
  3. Elementary theory of second-order lines.
  4. Matrices, determinants and systems of linear equations.
  5. Elements of vector algebra.
  6. Surfaces and lines. Their equations.
  7. Surfaces of the second order.
  8. Variable and function.
  9. Theory of borders.
  10. Derivative and differential.
  11. Differential calculus.
  12. Definite integral.
  13. Indefinite integral. Integral Calculus.
  14. Elements of a complex variable function.

A list of topics for the interview program in Informatics

  1. Solving problems with a simple variable in the language C ++.
  2. Application of cycles and conventional operators.
  3. Solving problems using arrays in the language C ++.
  4. Solving problems with the use of two-dimensional arrays in the language C ++.
  5. Working with structures in the language C ++.
  6. Working with functions in the language C ++.

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