Pre-university training

For the students from the countries of the near and far abroad there is an opportunity to be trained on preparatory department of the Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens in four directions: engineering, medicobiological, economic and humanitarian.

In the course of training listeners of preparatory department study Russian/English and repeat a basic course in such subjects as physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, history, informatics and other (depending on future specialty). Teaching of these subjects is conducted in Russian/English.

After finishing of preparatory department students receive the State Certificate which gives  the possibility to enter any high school of Ukraine.

Documents required for foreign students to enter the higher school in Ukraine:

  • Standard application form
  • Original or copy of document about education and estimations got on educational disciplines (these documents must be legalized; translating of documents into Ukrainian language must be notarized)
  • Original and copy of passport (these documents must be legalized; translating of documents into Ukrainian language must be notarized);
  • 4 pictures of 30 x 40 mm;
  • A copy of document of a Ukrainian resident permanently abroad (if available).

All documents must be legalized in Ukrainian Embassy and translated in Ukrainian or Russian language.

Cost of education ($)

1 Preparatory dpt (engineering, economics, medical, humanitarian) 1450

The cost of accommodation in a hostel makes from $30 depending on comfortableness level.

The cost of primary medical examination in student's policlinic makes about $30.

At registration for study it is necessary to pay the medical insurance – $51 and deportation insurance – $27.

After that the document on temporary residence permit should be made, expenses on its registration (including transfer, registration and other official payments) – $9.

The payment is made in the national currency at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment.

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