Software engineering

Degree: Master of Science (two years) with specialization in software technology. Major subject: computer science.

Fields of interest:

  • Computer Science,
  • Computing,
  • Systems design,
  • Web engineering,
  • Web technique,
  • Computer Science,
  • Computer programming,
  • Software Engineering,
  • Computer Science/IT.

This program focuses on development of complex software systems – large software projects featuring millions of lines of code and advacnced techniques such as web services, distributed systems, component-based development and parallel processing.

Within software technology, you study theories, methods and tools for efficient development of complex and high-quality software. The program emphasises both theoretical and practical aspects of software development. It prepares you for a career as professional in software engineering, specifically as a specialist in efficient development of complex software systems, but you will also have the opportunity to pursue an academic career.

During the first year of the program (shared with the one-year master programme), you will get a solid foundation in software technology through a number of general courses in computer science at advanced level. This is supplemented by studies of mathematics and research methodology that are relevant for the subjects.

In the second year we focus on the practical aspects of software technology. We present the latest tools within software development and often do project work together with industry or research groups. The education ends with a thesis work.

Your future

After this program, you will probably work as a software developer at a consultancy firm or at the IT department of a big enterprise. From that you can move on to work as a project coordinator, a software technology expert, or possibly as a manager. You will also have the opportunity to pursue an academic career, starting with a PhD education.

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