Students’ Life and Accommodation


Much attention is being paid to students’ living conditions. The students studying at Computer Engineering Department are provided with a hostel next to the University for a reasonable cost. They can live in rooms for two or three. The hostels have special premises for individual studies, physical fitness, as well as a local computer network. There is an access to Internet in the hostel. If a student wishes to live off a hostel, the officer can help him/her to rent a suitable private flat.

Sport Activities

Sport activities and physical training are of great importance for future specialists in modern world. The student may join any university sports group, including basketball, football, swimming, bodybuilding, and many others. The Sport Hall and fitness facilities are located on Campus.

Students’ Club

There is a student’s club at the University. It supports 26 amateur groups, and students may join any of them on the basis of their preferences.

Christmas and New Year Party in the Student’s Club of KNURE.

Medical Service

The Student Hospital provides the free, full range of National Health Services to all registered students and their families. Students can also go to state and private hospitals, where medical service is to be paid.

Amusement and entertainment

Freedom and democracy of student’s life in Ukraine allows to realize any personal ideas and talents – even to make yourself famous musical star!

The great carrier of musical group “Black Pillars” (“Chornobryvtsi”) begans in the 2003. Three talented students from Uganda and Jamaica (“Rasta-man” Davis, Stephe D and Yvonne) , who was students of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, first introduced Ukrainian folk songs in the original reggae, hip-hop and afro-latinae arrangements.

Creativity of the “Chornobryvtsi” group was very warmly received by listeners and the press.
The group is involved in a huge number of music festivals and is a welcome guest at the Days of Kharkov city and everywhere their style does not leave anyone indifferent!

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