Study in Ukraine

About Ukraine

The population of Ukraine is 48 million people. Ukraine occupies an area of 603,700 sq. km. Borders on Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary. Capital is Kyiv (Kiev). Territorial division 24 regions, Autonomous republic of Crimea, cities with the special status are Kyiv and Sevastopol. State language is Ukrainian. Russian language is widely used.

About Kharkiv

Kharkiv is the second largest city of Ukraine after Kiev. According to some historic documents the city was founded in 1654. The origin of the city’s name is still a mystery.

Students’ Life and Accomodation

Much attention is being paid to students’ living conditions. The students studying at Computer Engineering Department are provided with a hostel next to the University for a reasonable cost. They can live in rooms for two or three. The hostels have special premises for individual studies, physical fitness, as well as a local computer network. There is an access to Internet in the hostel. If a student wishes to live off a hostel, the officer can help him/her to rent a suitable private flat.

Life costs

The national currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia, UAH (the official exchange rate of Hryvnia against foreign currencies). The most widespread foreign currencies inUkraine are US dollar and Euro. You can exchange foreign currency in banks, currency exchange offices, or at airports where the currency exchange rate is the same as in other places. Commission for this service has to be paid in hryvnias.

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