Cost of education ($)

1 Preparatory dpt (engineering, economics) 1450
2 Preparatory dpt (medical,humanitarian) 1450
3 Bachelor’s degree (Russian language) 2300
4 Bachelor’s degree –Economical cybernetics (Russian language) 2000
5 Bachelor’s degree (English language) 2500
6 Master’s degree (Russian language) 2500
7 Master’s degree Economical cybernetics (Russian language) 2200
8 Master’s degree (English language) 2800

The cost of accommodation in a hostel makes from $30 depending on comfortableness level.

The cost of primary medical examination in student’s policlinic makes about $30.

At registration for study it is necessary to pay the medical insurance – $51 and deportation insurance – $27.

After that the document on temporary residence permit should be made, expenses on its registration (including transfer, registration and other official payments) – $9.

The payment is made in national currency at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment.

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