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Arkady V. Snyehurov

Arkady V. Snyehurov

Ph.D., Deputy Dean of TCI Faculty

General information

The telecom sector plays a key role in today’s society. The traditional areas of telecom, IT and broadcast are rapidly converging. This covers a wide range of topics, including advanced component design, the design of advanced algorithms, complex network infrastructures and the development of services and solutions to meet the needs of end-users. The Center with Education in English language at KNURE is unique in offering all these facets in a single degree course.

The Telecommunication Systems Department (TCS) has passed a long way for being able to open this Center. From the beginning of the 1990’s each year 10-15 students from China, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda etc graduated the TCS Department, studing in Russian. In the last few years more than 20 graduate students of the TCS Department presented doctoral dissertations, among them were 10 foreign students. In 2003 due to Samsung sponsorship an educational center was opened, and one year later the branch of the International Academy Cisco begun to function, which allows to conduct training and retraining of specialists on maintenance of modern telecommunication equipment in English. All students of the Department have a possibility to receive the certificates of international level after passing on-line tests in English. Some of graduate students and teachers of TCS Department became instructors of the International Academy. Among them are Andrushko D., Simonenko E., Goryaeva S.

Since 2008 year the TCS Department has introduced education in English for mixed groups - foreign students and Ukrainian citizens. This enable students from all over the World not only to get an up-to-date specialty but as well to obtain the practice in spoken English and to master international terminology. Knowledge of English also gives them a possibility after 3-4 years of study to get grants for continue their education in the European countries due to the programs of students exchange.

Prof. Popovsky, Head of he Dep. said: "Many students are interested in studing in English. With deep knowledge of telecommunications and English language they will not have to look for a job after graduating - they will be looked for by the leading IT and Telecom firms!"

At present at the Department with Education in English language near 50 students are mastering the specialty “Telecommunication Systems and Networks”.

Our students for two years are among the winners of International Olympiads of Cisco Inc. Our graduate students meet modern requirements to the specialists of telecommunications and our courses are fully recognized in Ukraine and in many countries abroad.

Learning the up-to-date specialty in English you will be able to obtain well-paid positions in leading companies of TCS and IT industry.