Admission Board

The Admission Board functions according to the main university admission framework for the year 2012 signed by the Chairman of the Admission Board on 19th December 2011. Application and enrollment to the University is done according to the Admission Rules.

The Admission Board is open daily, room 146.

Service for foreign students held in “K” unit on 2nd floor


Service for foreign students held in "K" unit

16, Bakulina st. (2nd floor)

+38 (057) 70 21 417

Service for ukrainian citizenship students held in room 146 (1st floor)

+38 (057) 70 21 720

Fax +38 (057) 702 10 13


Chairman of the inspection board – acting rector of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, professor V.V.Semenets

Deputy chairman of the inspection board - dean of the faculty CS, professor Andriy L. Yerokhin.

Executive secretary of inspection board – dean of the faculty IC A.V.Snegurov

Authorized person the inspection board for the reception and consideration of electronic applications – T.A.Zubkova, lead engineer ASU University ICC.

Deputy Executive Secretary of the inspection board:

  • shief of Pre-University Training Center  Kitaenko S.A., 
  • docent Fedorenko E.P., dep. PLE;
  • docent Zolotukhin O.V., dep. ST;
  • docent Lanovoi A.F., dep. PE;
  • docent Chala L.E., dep. AI;
  • docent Rudenko D.A., dep. Informatics:
  • docent Datsok O.M., dep. BME;
  • assistant Sychova O.V., dep. CITAM