Light athletics

The university section of athletics. Not for nothing that athletics is the “Queen of Sports.” The elements of athletics are used in all sports. It contributes to the harmonious development of man.

Running – an ideal exercise that provided by nature (our ancestors were running from a dinosaur, then a mammoth). Therefore it is no wonder that running and walking a beneficial effect on the body and health.

Due to run the cardiovascular system healthier, vessels cleared, strengthened immune system, improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles). Virtually all organs begin to work better. And even the head! In the runners improved memory attention, intelligence. And more – even the nature of change. A man becomes calm, cheerful, confident.

Start training at any age. Even if you have not played sports, and indeed, your life has been filled with physical activity, it does not matter.

In the national team trained at the University champions and winners of the Kharkov region, Ukraine and Europe.

We invite students and staff to replenish the ranks of our close-knit team!

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