To improve the work of the Student Senate and to follow the interests of Student Community and each student’s priorities, the following committees have been formed:

  • Juridical Committee (its function is to be aware of any changes in higher education legislation (it represents students’ interests and provides aid on legal matters);
  • Social Committee (its function is to organize social activities and charity help to the boarding school in Nova Vodolaga);
  • PR Committee (its function is to publicize the activities and events taking place at the University such as holidays, concerts, meetings, etc.);
  • Academic Committee (its function is to organize conferences and seminars, provide information about scientific awards, programs);
  • International Affairs Committee (its function is to cooperate with other Student Communities, monitor international and local students activities and take part in them);
  • Informational Committee (its function is to spread various information and to manage non-legible information.);
  • Foreign Students Committee (its function is to involve foreign students in university social life, provide assistance to ensure their successful adaptation to life, to organize “English Speaking Club” activities);
  • Campus Affairs Committee (its function is to deal with issues directly related to the campus life of students);
  • Student Radio and Newspaper

Since 2012 The Student Senate has formed a new sub-committee “Students’ initiatives”. It deals with different student clubs (student theatre, foreign students club, etc.). It is engaged in making student daily life more interesting, helping students to be not only well-educated, but also to raise their cultural level.

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