Edward G. Petrov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Systems Engineering Department (1976 – 2013) Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE).
Edward G. Petrov

Born on February 4, 1938


"Veteran of Labour", Jubilee Medal "100th Anniversary of Lenin's birth." Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the badge "For Excellence in Education in Ukraine"

Other information.

Born on February 4, 1938
Died on February 20, 2015.


1971 – Ph.D., 1984 – Doctor of Science degree in Technical Cybernetics. From 1976 to 2013 worked as head of Department of Systems Engineering, from 1985 to 1991 worked as a vice-rector on scientific work of the university, from 2001 to 2003 occupied position of Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. Ph.D., Professor, Academician of International Informatization Academy, Academy of Sciences’ Applied electronics of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Scientific work

The scientific activity developed: the theory of multicriteria decision-making and creation of formal systems analysis of the design process for complex information systems.

E.Petrov prepared 40 candidates of sciences; he is scientific consultant for eight post doctoral students.

Scientific and technical achievements: technical design of the Kharkov regional network SUCS – 1974, 1978 – creation of databases of passports of houses for left-bank Ukraine, 1988 – software and hardware “of capital planning and preventive repairs to the town utility networks,” Leningrad, 1990 – technical project for the design of the IAS as a model system-wide level, 1991 – “Development and the City Council to create a LAN, Yoshkar-Ola, 1992 -” Development of ARM structural units of city administration, “Yoshkar-Ola, 1993 – The software package” Document, “1994 -” Installation and commissioning of network and workstation”, ” Development of an automated workflow, “Yoshkar-Ola, 1995 – “Development of an automated workflow”, Yoshkar-Ola, 1996 – start-up software and hardware data-processing system, “City council”, Yoshkar- Ola, Mari El, 1997 – “Creation of the Kharkiv regional information and analysis subsystem for Emergencies”, 1998 – “Development and implementation of an automated registration system, the coordination and control of documents of the Secretariat of Regional State Administration,” 2000 – “Developing the concept of informatization on the program of the Kharkov region” , 2001 – The technical design of the creation of start-up complex of the Kharkiv regional subsystems, and the Government Information Management System for Emergency Situations, 2001 – The launch complex of Kharkiv regional subsystems, and the Government Information Management System for Emergency Situations, 2001 – “Design and installation of local networks in Treasury departments and offices of cities and districts of the Kharkiv region, “2003 -” Further studies of the principles of construction and operation of GIS for management of mobile objects (communication, navigation, surveillance) of the Aircraft Transport “2006 -” Development of organizational and functional structure of GIS and information, the definition of its information resources “, 2008 – Development of guidelines and software for decision support systems under uncertainty for technological and organizational systems.”

Publications and patents

E.Petrov has over 175 scientific papers, including: books and manuals - 19, 155 papers, inventions and patents - 5.