Our university is represented in Turkmenistan


From November. 11 to November. 14, 2013 in Ashkhabad (Turkmenistan) the International exhibition and the scientific conference “Education, Sports and Tourism during a Power and Happiness Era” took place. Delegations from many countries of the world, including the USA, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, India, China, Korea, Iran, Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. became the participants.

Within three days the main Exhibition center served as a place not only for carrying out presentations of higher educational institutions, but also a wide professional orientation platform for the Turkmen youth.

Within the work of the International exhibition there took place educational fair of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.  The delegation was headed by the Minister of Education Dmitry Tabachnik.  As a part of delegation there were representatives of 17 higher education institutions of Ukraine, including our university.  Our university provided materials both in Russian, and in the Turkmen language.  It caused a great interest for representatives of firms and higher educational institutions, and for the Turkmen youth – potential entrants of KhNURE.

We hope that the carried-out professional orientation work will promote increase in number of the Turkmen students at our university, and also expansion of the international contacts of HNURE in the fields of education and sciences.

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