First meeting


First meeting (1-NRG-meeting) participants and potential participants NRG (National response group) on “Training and training for industrial automation”

In the framework of implementation of the Tempus project TATU 544010-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES (Trainings in Automation Technologies for Ukraine) at the Department of Design and operation of electronic devices KNURE hosted the first meeting (1-NRG-meeting participants and potential participants NRG (National response group) on the topic: “Training for industrial automation”.
The program consisted of presentations of participants, presentations Tempus project TATU and a round table with participants NRG – group.
The meeting was made by Dmitry Kolchik with the presentation of “Elax” ( The company ALEX” since 1994 successfully works in the market of integrated automation and electrification of industry in Ukraine and CIS. “ALEX offers the execution of works on automation of technological processes turnkey and integrated solutions in the power supply (up to 35 kV) and lighting objects. Following the meeting of “ALEX” entered NRG – group Tempus project TATU.
With the presentation of the Tempus-project TATU were made by the assistant department DEED KNURE Galkin Pavlo, who is the coordinator of the project in KNURE. The project TATU – “Trainings in Automation Technologies for Ukraine ” is aimed at promoting the modernization of higher education in Ukraine, using the experience of other European countries, in order to enhance the employability of graduates, offering special training modules in the field of industrial automation, development of partnership with enterprises. The project will be created 5 training centers at each University partner of Ukraine to conduct certified training for students and young professionals of Ukrainian enterprises in the field of industrial automation.
The round table participants NRG meeting discussed several issues:

  1. Training on how technology is required primarily for specialists in APCS Ukraine?
  2. A survey was conducted of participants NRG meeting on the technology used and the PLC.
  3. The relevance of retraining and advanced training of employees on the basis of centers with automation in 5 universities of Ukraine.

The meeting was held with the informational support of the Association of industrial automation Ukraine (AIAU) and “Phoenix Contact” -Ukraine.
The next meeting will be held in November-December 2014, as not all participants were able to arrive at 1-NRG-meeting and the issues discussed were interesting to a wide range of companies in Ukraine.
In perspective it is planned to expand NRG-group to create a truly competence training centres for industrial automation.

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