Day of IBM


April 20, in KNURE took place a meeting with a representative of IBM Ukraine Alexander DankoAIBM Academic Initiative, University and Government Relations Coordinator.

The program of the meeting:
The signing of the Memorandum of understanding between KNURE and IBM Ukraine.
The questions of possible establishment of the Academic Center of IBM of competences to facilitate the implementation and distributing by the University of the IBM concepts Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Presentations made:
Alexander Danko (IBM Ukraine) «Creating opportunities through leadership and innovation. The history of innovation at IBM».

KhNURE teaching staff (Computer Science faculty, ICS department) «The implementation features of IBM software services on an education process».
prof V. Sayenko «Academy technology on studding IBM Bluemix services».
as. prof I. Panfeorova «Conceptions on studding IBM technologies in the university (KhNURE)».
sen. teacher. D. Alekseyev «The SOA microservice architecture in information system design».
prof. V. Levykin, as. I. Yuryev «The implementation perspective of IBM Rational Software Architect on education process».

Alexander Danko (IBM Ukraine) «The Evolution of the IT industry. The fourth technological revolution and the epoch of cognitive computing. Marketable competencies and how to gain through the partnership with IBM» (for students and teachers). Discussion.

Alexander Danko (IBM Ukraine) «IBM Academic Initiative (now the “OTH”) and the new IBM Skills Academy» (for teachers). Discussion.

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