MastMST Project

From 15 Oct 2012 an International project «Curricula Development for New Specialization: Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design 530785-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-PL-TEMPUS-JPCR» has been started. Design Automation Department of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics is a participant of the project. Project acronym:  «MastMST». Priority – Curricula Reform. Project duration is 3 years: 15 October 2012 – 14 October 2015.

EU funding instrument: Interregional Program European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument. Tempus grant amount: €  1 007 727,18. Target group: students, graduates, teaching/administrative staff; top management of industry enterprises, Ministry of education and science, local community administration staff.


Project goals and objectives

  • Creating new specialization «Master of Engineering in Microsystems Design» for technical universities in Ukraine
  • Developing curricula and teaching materials for new specialization with a focus on 3-cycle ECTS educational structure, degree and diploma recognition in the partner countries
  • Establishing/modernization of two Microsystem laboratories (Design and Test) for new specialization in target UA universities
  • Incorporating modern Microsystem technologies in actual bachelor engineering curricula in UA universities
  • Organization of graduate (Master) and improve post-graduate (PhD) education in the domain of computer-aided design of Microsystem devices
  • Preparing high-quality engineer professionals in modern high-tech domain for national microelectronic companies
  • Promoting Summer Schools and students work practice in Microsystems Design within the knowledge triangle
  • Realization of wide-range cooperation between UA & EU partner institutions for students exchange, joint MSc and PhD research


  • Creating and adopting new specialization for Master speciality
  • New curricula development for Microsystems Design specialization
  • Establishing/modernization new Microsystems training laboratories
  • Training UA academic staff for new specialization
  • Advanced students training during work practice and technology courses
  • Dissemination of project results between UA technical universities
  • Project quality control and monitoring
  • Management of the project

Expected results

  1. Ratification of the new specialization proposal
  2. Bachelor, Master and Doctoral courses curricula and teaching materials
  3. Microsystems Design and Test laboratories for target UA universities
  4. Trained/retrained UA academic teaching staff and laboratories technicians
  5. UA students with work practice, technology courses & diploma projects in EU institutions
  6. Project dissemination materials, progress and quality assessment reports

Project coordinator in Ukraine: Lviv National Polytechnical University

Project web-site:

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