Alexander Y. Severinsky

President of LLC «Fuelcor» (Miami, USA), the honorary chairman of «Paice» (Baltimore, USA), the owner-manager of the farm «Ferme STE-Valentine» (Shovill, Canada), the co-founder of the company «AtomNet», the visiting Professor of the University of Maryland, College Park (USA).
Alexander Y. Severinsky
  • He has discovered the conversion of carbon dioxide to hydrocarbon fuel, introduced new agricultural technologies based on using only soil, water and air. 
  • He is the author of several designs applied in industrial production of such corporations as IBM,Toyota, Ford, APC. 
  • He has given scientific credence of the process of carbon dioxide transformation under the influence of nuclear energy on oil, gas and other fuels. 
  • The concepts of production of hybrid-electric transmissions for cars are based on his innovative ideas. 
  • He is the member ofNew Yorkand Washington Academy of Sciences, the senior scientific researcher  of theInstituteofElectricaland Electronics Engineers, and others. 
  • His name is included in the Hall of Fame as the inventor of Engineer school of theUniversityofMaryland, he received the Medal of Edison – the highest award of electro technicians in theUSA.  He was awarded D.Mendeleev and VDNKh medals.