Dulub Valentin Grigorievich

First Vice-Chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration
Dulub Valentin Grigorievich


Mar’yanovka village, Kirovograd Region 


Higher education, Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics, 1979, designing and production of electronic-computing equipment, engineer-designer-technologist; Yaroslav Mudryi National Academy of Law, 1999, urisprudence, lawyer; Kharkov Regional Institute of Government Administration, National Academy of State Administration under President of Ukraine, 2004, State Administration, Master of State Administration

Rewards, honorary title

Honorary Decoration of Kharkov Regional State Administration “Slobozhanskaya Slava”, 2002; Order of Daniil Galitskiy, 2004; Honorary Charter of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, 2007; Honorary Charter of the Kharkov City Council, 2009.

Professional activity

From 1974 till 1979 – a student of the Radio Equipment Design Faculty, Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics.

From 1977 till 1985 – the leading work in the Komsomol, which he started as a secretary of the Komsomol bureau of the Radio Equipment Design Faculty and reached a post of a deputy chief of propaganda and cultural and mass work of Kharkov Regional Committee of the Komsomol of Ukraine

From 1985 till 1994 – posts in the Party leading organs from an instructor of Publicity and Propaganda Department in Dzerzhinsky District Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine to the Head of the Main administration for personnel and general questions – first deputy head of Kharkov City Executive Committee

From 1994 till 1998 – leading posts in the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Kharkov

From 1998 till 2000 – Minister of Economy of the Crimea Autonomous Republic

From 2001 till 2002 – Head of Housing and Communal Facilities Board of Kharkov Regional State Administration

From 2002 till 2005 – Vice-chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration, Kharkov

In 2006 – Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of the limited liability companies “International Insurance Company”, Kharkov

From 2006 till 2010 – Chairman of Dzerzhinsky District Council, Kharkov 

From 2020 till 2011 – Vice-chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration in the life-support system

From 2011 till now – First Vice-chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration