The Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens celebrates a birthday


February 28,2013, a meeting dedicated to the anniversary of the creation of the Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens took place. Dean of the Faculty professor Omarov M.A. congratulated the foreign students with that date. Deputy Dean associate professor Tsapko T.P. informed about the results of the session of the 1st semester, about the necessity of liquidation of academic debts, about the problems of school attendance. Head of the PL department associate professor Dementieva T.I. – about the importance of the Russian language in the life of foreign students. Engineer Sukhomlinov A.I. reported about the problems related to the payment for accommodation in hostels, informed about assistance on social welfare questions. Dean Prof. Omarov M.A. and Deputy Dean associate professor Morozova L.Y. awarded excellent students with the certificates of honour and letters of thanks to parents.

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