Foreign listeners of TFFC at the entering day of KNURE


15.03.2015 there was the Entering Day at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics at which for the first time, except school students, students of the technical schools and their parents, who are usually present at the event, foreign listeners of pre-university training of the Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens were also invited.Many years before  listeners of TFFC had the meetings with the representatives of the main departments separately. This year, at the initiative of the Dean of TFFC Prof. Omarov M. A., some kind of the experiment was made when the listeners of the pre-university training were invited to the event together with potential Ukrainian students,.

Foreign listeners got acquainted with exhibits of scientific and technical creativity, which were organized by the center of the scientific and technical creativity of the youth. With the great interest they listened to the representatives of faculties who told about new achievements and perspective development in the field of new computer technologies, about the advantages of training and the subsequent employment of the graduates of KNURE. The students were watching the work of experimental samples with great interest, the movement of robots which were performed by the computer programs developed by the students of our university.

Of course as after any interesting event, foreign listeners asked the students and post-graduates who showed exhibits a lot of questions. Near exposition tables there was an interesting live conversation with the students-“inventors” in Arabic and English languages.  It is also interesting that teachers-curators of the groups of foreign listeners (those are philologists of TFFC who are far from technique in general) joined the conversation with great pleasure. They also asked our young “inventors” and our university “guru” a lot of questions on different technical subjects and they answered the questions of foreign listeners during the conversation.

After the visit of the exhibition our listeners visited our university museum. The students watched enthusiastically the halls of the museum where the whole history from the first day of the university foundation is represented in the historical documents and the life of the legendary founders of the university is represented at photos. They listened to the stories of the guide, got acquainted with the unique exhibits of the past century which were presented to the museum by the famous graduates of the university.

After the event a lot of memorable pictures were taken.

Such events are very important. They allow foreign listeners not only to get acquainted with the history and traditions, scientific inventions and the discovery of our scientists, students, and graduate students but  also  help them with the choice of their future profession , promote friendship, mutual understanding, knowledge of respect and tolerance between the young people of different countries and nationalities.

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