Center of Pre-University Training

The Pre-University Training Center is an educational subdivision of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics which according to the citizens’ interests, inclination and capabilities provides advanced training in general subjects – computer science, physics, the Ukrainian language and mathematics; prepares school leavers for the State Final Certification and assists in entering higher educational institutions in Ukraine as well.


    Room 144

    +38 (057) 702-14-55


    The Head of the Center
    Sergiy O. Kitaenko

    Main functions

    The Center is a multi-structural subdivision of the university which provides:

    • groups of advanced training for pupils of 9-11 grades, course duration – 2-3 years;
    • Sunday and part-time courses, counseling and coaching sections;
    • basic computer literacy courses, courses for Internet programmers, basic design courses, etc.;
    • a “Young Programmer” Sunday club.

    Students of the Center may attend a computer center and laboratories of the university.

    The Center provides career guidance and organizes university open days, visiting the departments and schools of the University.

    Since 2008 the Center has been preparing school leavers to take the State Final Certification, so academic curricula and programs have been changed. For the last 6 years much attention has been paid to the Ukrainian language learning by the school leavers. A number of classes in Ukrainian has been doubled.

    In 2008 the Center organized training courses for students graduating from the institutions of the 1-2 accreditation level. For the moment Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics has signed 42 contracts with higher educational institutions of 1-2 accreditation level to prepare students in University majors. For this purpose some elements of the distant education were implemented into studies, so that such graduates could communicate with teachers on the Internet online.

    For all these years the Center has been providing advanced training to school children. It organized different kinds of computer courses for pupils of 1-11 grades. In 2004 the course in “Basics of Design” was developed, in 2008 the Center added the course in the basics of Maya 3D modeling, in 2010 PC adjustment courses for school children were introduced.

    Computer courses in 10 areas function at the Center: from the basic computer literacy to object-oriented programming on C++.