Test Center

Created with the aim of developing and implementing of technologies of computer-based knowledge testing.


    rooms 322-323

    +38 (057) 702-13-85


    Site: opentest.com.ua

    Head of the Test Center
    Alexander S. Shkil

    Main functions

    • The organization and coordination of work in the field of development and implementation of a unified system of computer-based knowledge testing at the University;
    • Development and approval of the regulatory framework for computer-based testing;
    • The development and implementation of software for computer testing system of the University;
    • Maintenance of the unique server of computer testing;
    • Carrying out consultations and training seminars with faculty and staff of the University;
    • Help giving during scheduled activities for computer testing knowledge;
    • Examination of the test items;
    • Quality control of the computer testing activities;
    • Saving the information about passed computer tests.

    OpenTEST2 - a computer program designed to test knowledge for summarized control of quality of knowledge of students from the major training organizations with complex distributed structure.