Department for the students with special educational needs (SEMD)

The main task of the department – to develop a comprehensive system of accounting, medical examination and rehabilitation of students with disabilities.

Full title: Scientific educational methodical department (SEMD) for the students with  special educational needs 


    Bakulina Str.,10, SEMD 

    +38 (057) 702-13-43,
    +38 (057) 702-08-18

    Podprugnikov Peter Mikhajlovich

    Chief of the SEMD
    Peter M. Podprugnikov

    General information

    The Department was created in 2009 with the aim of organization of the integrated education of students with the special educational needs according to the order of Department of education and science №587 from 27.06.2008. Basic tasks of the department:

    • The coordination of university services psychoeducation, social, medical and other types of support organithation for students with the special needs;
    • The development of accounting methods and systems of students with special needs, the analysis of their individual necessities and ways of decision taking into account some certain university possibilities.

    In connection with the fact that the University belongs to classic technical institutions with a preventive clinic, medical station (a branch of municipal student hospital) - the development and the creation of the accounting system the medical inspection and rehabilitation of students with limited capacities for all the period of education in the university and their further employment.
    On the active successful work is conducted with the regional, and municipal administrations, with the employment centers, with municipal and district family matters and youth authorities is conducted, by public organizations etc.