NURE opens turkish horizons


At the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ukraine the Ambassador Gian Yonet Tezel and vice-rector of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics Stanislav Ignatiev were held a meeting. The main purpose of it was discussing the intensification of cooperation with Turkish universities, as well as the recognition of diplomas of higher education by the Ministry of Education of Turkey.

“Today, Turkey is an energy hub, therefore, the economy requires more and more high-quality experts in the field of energy, who will study abroad,” – said the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Ukraine Jan Yonet Tezel.

In turn, representatives of NURE explained the situation that has developed with the recognition of documents on higher education in Turkey. “NURE prepares highly qualified specialists that are in demand on the international labor market, at the same time, the University is subject to the formal constraints of the Ministry of Education of Turkey for recognition of documents on higher education, because it has no natural and humanitarian faculties”, – said Vice-rector Stanislav Ignatiev.

Republic of Turkey Ambassador to Ukraine, assured the representatives of Kharkіv National University of Radioеlectronics, he would ask the Ministry of Education on recognition of NURE diplomas in Turkey. The two sides also agreed to promote the development of scientific and educational partnerships between universities in Turkey and NURE.

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