Working meeting on the specifics of the training faculty for foreign citizens’ work


The Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens, created in 2012, combines all foreign listeners and foreign students regardless of type of learning, language and level of learning. Admission Commission and Contract Department of the Faculty take and arrange for training in KNURE all international students! Social Service Department settles all foreign students in dormitories and controls the payment of tuition and accommodation, and the “Passport Office” prepares the necessary documents for registration of all foreign contingent of the University at the State Migration Service. In this academic year 1324 foreign listeners and students from almost 60 countries study at our University! Faculty members are daily confronted with those problems, which may not be in other departments: various forms of national educational documents, writing and sequence of foreign names and many names, followed by their translation into the Ukrainian language, the lack of specific dates and numbering of academic certificates from foreign universities and much more.
04, February, 2015 on the initiative of the TFFC Dean Professor Omarov M. A. and leading experts of ACS of the University was held a working meeting, where they discussed these and other questions. The meeting was opened and chaired by Professor Omarov M. A., who covered all the issues and reiterated the specifics of the Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens. Dean reminded all the present that in 2012, Ministery of education and science of Ukraine created the Unique State Electronic Educational Database. This database allows us to trace the “history” of the training of each domestic and foreign student and to see the documents on the basis of which the student was accepted for training. Creating a base made to review the design of all University documents, ranging from the order of the student’s enrolment to the University and till the final diploma of higher education. In 2014 electronic database started to “control” the issuance of student tickets and supplements to the European diplomas (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT).
Open discussion allowed to announce, to analyze and to discuss all issues related to the peculiarities of entering information into an electronic database. In particular, they talked about the correctness of the translation of surnames and names of foreign students into Ukrainian. The algorithms of the admitting of foreign citizens on training was worked out; the exchange of information between the structural units, which participates in the reception of the educational process and the design of all documentation was adjusted; common principles of work with documents of foreign trainees and students were agreed and worked out.
The meeting was attended by the members of the IT department of the University: Zubkova T.A., Osmachko L.S., Menshikova E.V., Kovalenko O.V. TFFC represented by prof. Omarov M.A., PhD. Tsapko T.P., Radchenko M.A., Sereda T.S., Tikhaya T.V., Shepitko I.N., Sukhomlinov A.I., Tugay A.P., Ivanova L.V. From ECED the workshop attended Jankowski A.A., Pavlova L.G., Kravets E.V. CTE TKS was represented by Litvinova Y.A.

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