Welcome to our holiday!


October, 11, will be a traditional annual celebration of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics – Day of the University.

The festivities will begin at 11 hours at the stadium of KhNURE, where various teams, athletes and sportsmen will demonstrate their skills.

At 11.30 will be a simultaneous game of checkers on the 25 boards with world champion V. Mazur (the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control) .

The main action will take place in the Assembly Hall of the University. It will begin at 13 hours with the show presentation «Vivat, Alma Mater!».

First, greetings from the Acting Rector, Professor Natalya S. Lesnaya will sound. Then, the winners of the traditional competition «Best of KNURE» will be awarded by prizes from the trade union committee of employees of the University. And the holiday will be finished by grandiose performance of all the creative teams of the University.

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