We celebrated the Day of the University


Last Friday at the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics the celebrations on the occasion of the Day of the University were held. 

The celebration began with the opening of the university museum. In fact, the history of the museum is long, but namely on this day it finally founds a new, beautiful room. Its staff headed by L.A. Tihonenko put a lot of efforts, skill and love to fill this cozy room with valuable exhibits, materials and information. Deans, heads of departments, representatives of public organizations of the university were invited to the opening. Congratulations on that occasion uttered from Acting Rector Natalya S. Lesnaya and chairman of the staff trade union of KNURE Igor I. Klyuchnik. So, we have a modern, well-kept facility that will keep our history, our memory, our lives.

The next point of celebrations was a university stadium. Staff of the department of physical education has prepared demonstration of achievements of students and teachers of KhNURE in sports arenas of the city, region, Ukraine, Europe and the world for this day. Along the organizers and guests of the celebration athletes from all sports, that we have cultivated, passed. Best faculties and athletes received their commemorative awards. And then came the performances of sportsmen. Also, the competition of deans took place, where our deans demonstrated their skills in shooting. The holiday at the stadium truly was varied and colorful.

Almost simultaneously with the events at the stadium, in the foyer of the second floor a simultaneous game of checkers on the 25 boards provided by GM V.K. Neverov was held.

The main festivities took place in the Assembly Hall of the university where all the visitors have got a big surprise. Leonid Kadeniuk, the first astronaut of independent Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine, people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 4th convocation, People’s Ambassador of Ukraine  came to our holiday and was met with thunderous applause of the whole Hall.

The Acting Rector Natalya S. Lesnaya addressed to all present in the hall with the warm words of welcome, congratulated everyone with the holiday and wished prosperity, success and good health.

And then the show «Vivat, Alma Mater!» with the participation of cultural groups of KNURE began.

The congratulations with the 83rd anniversary of the university were harmoniously intertwined in the performances. The first honorary greeting was from the Hero of Ukraine, pilot -cosmonaut L.K. Kadeniuk. Our distinguished guest arrived with a present. He gave the congratulations addressed to the University from the public organization «Council on Environmental Safety»and awarded Nikolay I. Slipchenko, Pro-rector on scientific work, with the Order of the International Public Foundation for the protection of human dignity and security – «Dignity». Nikolay I. Slipchenko was awarded for outstanding contribution to the protection of human dignity and security, and the Diploma of the award was signed by Vladimir Gorbatko, the pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.

В целом, праздник получился грандиозным и захватывающим, и надолго запомнится тем, кто следил за его ходом.

Another nice greeting sounded from the chairman of the staff trade union of KNURE Igor I. Klyuchnik. He announced the results of the contest «Best of KNURE» and awarded with diplomas for the best site, picture, advertisement, movie, anecdote and presented every winner a book about the history of the university. Also, awards were given to the winners of the contest «My grandfather (grandmother, father, mother) has been working in KHNURE».

Overall, the holiday has turned grandiose and spectacular, and will be remembered for a long time by all spectators.

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