We are the only participants from Eastern Europe in a workshop organized by NASA


The presentation of the group CoLiTec took place on Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis Workshop at NASA headquarters.

From September, 30 to October, 2 at the headquarters of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, USA, Houston) the seminar «Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis Workshop» was held. The main considered issues were focused on innovations in the field of development of asteroid detection systems, methods of updating the information about them, the problems of asteroid mission. Robert Lightfoot, a senior fellow at NASA, noted the high importance of this seminar, especially in the framework of the asteroid mission planned in 2014. The workshop participants were 96 leading teams of scientists around the world, dealing with the asteroid and comet security of mankind. Most of the reports has been read remotely using videoconferencing systems.

Vadim Savanevich, professor of the Department of Electronic Computers, KhNURE, the head of CoLiTec group, has represented the report «Computer-aided software for image processing and detection of moving objects – CoLiTec. Status and Prospects» at the seminar. Videoconferencing has been organized by Olexandr I. Tsopa, the head of the educational and scientific laboratory VCTS. Remarkably, this was the only one report invited from the countries of Eastern Europe.

The CoLiTec project is a hobby-project, which is supported for several years by such organizations as the International Scientific Optical Network, led by the Institute of Applied Mathematics of M.V. Keldysh, Russian Academy of Sciences; Main Astronomical Observatory, NAS of Ukraine; the Institute of Radio Astronomy, NAS of Ukraine.


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