There was the first «Night of Science» in our country and our university!


In September, 28, at the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics the «Night of Science» was successfully held.

«Night of Science» is a project of the European scale, which is held annually in more than 200 cities of Europe. This year the project visited Ukraine for the first time. And it’s natural, that the right to carry it out was granted to our city and our university. KNURE entered into the top of five universities of Kharkov, which opened their doors to a wide audience – residents, visitors of the city and the region. The universities demonstrated their academic achievements, gave visitors the opportunity to take part in scientific experiments, discussions, ask questions to scientists and feel themselves as scientists for a while.

As part of the «Night of Science», KNURE has organized and held in Kharkov Palace Hotel the scientific and practical conference «Innovations in Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacy» under the patronage of the Kharkiv City Council and the Ministry of Education and Science of Germany. More than 80 scientists and experts from various universities, research institutions and commercial companies of the city took part in this conference.

But the main events of the «Night of Science» took place within the walls of our institution. From 17.00 to 23.00 KNURE received more than 700 visitors, mostly pupils of urban and rural schools and their parents, students of technical schools and colleges, and students from other universities. Seven faculties presented their scientific achievements and developments. Also, there were all kinds of presentations , «round tables», master classes, exhibitions of student works. The museum exhibition «Significant dates in the life of the university» was also organized. A little earlier, the sporting events were held and attended by pupils of senior classes from schools of Kharkov and the Kharkov region.

In the Gorky park KNURE presented a number of scientific developments, including mobile laser simulator for training biathlonists and lighting system. Their demonstration was carried out in the framework of the concert program of university’s amateur.

In general, our university has demonstrated its considerable potential in many different fields of science and technology, and many visitors had the opportunity to see it.

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