The third International Scientific-Practical Conference for students-foreigners


April 14-16, The third  International Scientific-Practical Conference for students-foreigners of preparatory and main departments, the listeners of the training Centers for foreign citizens was held in KhNURE. The Conference was held in the framework of the 18-th International youth forum “Radioelectronics and youth in XXI century” with support of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine .

The Conference was organized by the Training Faculty for Foreign Students.

More than 200 participants and guests from Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Syria, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Morocco, Nigeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Cote d’Ivoire, Iran, Turkey, Ecuador, Cameroon, Angola, Guinea, USA, Jordan, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen, Ghana, Bangladesh, Sudan discussed various issues in science, humanitarian and other areas of interest to students. 105 best reports on various directions were included in the proceedings of the conference.

For the presenting before the international audience 40 reports on various directions of work of the conference were selected and included in the conference program.

The Vice-rector on scientific work prof. Slipchenko N.I. and the Dean of TFFC prof. Omarov M.A. took part in the ceremony of opening of the Conference.  

The conference received a letter of greetings from the acting Rector of KhNURE  prof.  V.P. Mashtalir.  The text of the letter was published in the conference proceedings.

Events of this level are becoming traditional in our University – one of the best universities of Europe.

The associate Professor of the chair of Ukrainian Studies and Political Science of the faculty of International Educational Programs  of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogical Academy Rotova N.V. said: «The conference was held at the highest level. We were pleasantly surprised by the activity and the interest of the students. Many thanks to the organizers of the conference for their well-coordinated work».

Conference participants were awarded by certificates and diplomas. The conference materials were published.

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