March, 11 the dean of the Training Faculty for Foreign Citizens, Prof. M.A. Omarov took part in the parliamentary discussions on the subject “Role, meaning and influence of the society on the formation of the multinational policy of the integrity in Ukraine.”The formation of ethnic and national policy of unity in Ukraine is one of the most pressing issues at the present stage of development of our state. And this formation begins from a policy in the regions, areas, cities, universities, schools, etc. The report of Professor Omarov M. A. at the parliamentary hearings in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was devoted to the importance and influence of civil society, of the society in which we all live, the formation of ethnic and national politics in our country. Our country is a multinational state in which the possibility of social, cultural, national development exists for all nationalities and ethnic groups. Ethnonational policy of our state is aimed to the creating of favorable conditions for such development. The youth is the future of our society. Multinational Ukrainian students are not only the future of our country but the future of the entire world community. That is why ethnonational policy of unity in Ukraine should start with ethnonational policy in higher education. Tolerance, intolerance of racial and national discrimination, respect and friendship between students of different nationalities, different ethnic groups, students with different religions, different cultural and national peculiarities, different mentality – these are the main tasks that start on the ground. And the future of our country, the future of Europe, the future of the world depends on us.

As the result of the parliamentary discussions the organizers will prepare the decisions according to the proposals which were received from the representatives of the national- cultural communities for the development of the Conception of the multinational policy of Ukraine that should be considered by the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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