The opening of university «Speaking Club»


The opening of NURE Speaking Club English Speaking Club is a student initiative aimed at promoting the English language supported by Department of International Cooperation NURE.

A membership in the Club will help you to improve conversational skills and fill your vocabulary basis with IT terminology, which is necessary to the modern student, because any exchange program and world literature require a high level of knowledge of the English language. In addition, the Club is a great place to meet new people with different cultures, to exchange views and ideas. 

Date: 07/11/2016 

Time: 16:00 

Place: room # 13 – conference room 

All member will be provided with different materials: audio books links, famous speeches, movies, conversational videos, poems, lyrics and songs! 

Come to the first meeting of the Club and invite friends – follow the trend;) 

Organized by: Tysser Abdalaziz Hassen

Hosted by: Elsayed Mohamed

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