On June, 21 in the auditorium of our university a ceremony of release of bachelors 2016, who have completed training in FOIG in Russian was held. The event was organized by the faculty of education of foreign students, together with the Student Club with the support of students of KNURE TV.The event was visited by the guest of honor – the Consul of Turkmenistan to Ukraine Mr. Guych Archaevich Garayev, who, along with vice-rector for scientific and methodical work of KNURE Stanislav Ignatiev, opened the ceremony.
The event was held by the Deputy Dean of FOIG L.Yu. Morozova.
The best graduates of 2016 were awarded with diplomas for excellent study and active participation in the life of the faculty and the university. Among them – the honored graduates – Rozykulyeva Zarina (Turkmenistan), Drif Abdenur (Algeria).
The ceremony was attended by the first distance learning bachelors, they took an active part in the preparation of the festival. Among them, for excellent study, a student of economic cybernetics of the Center for distance learning Faradzhulaeva Hakuma (Azerbaijan) was awarded.
Active members of the Senate of the University and the student FOIG were awarded with certificates from NURE Senate.
The Student Club has prepared a wonderful final concert, which was consisted with not only creative NURE student groups, but also students of pre-university education FOIG, who congratulated the graduates with their songs and dance numbers.
The solemn and at the same time very touching situation that prevailed at the event, has once again demonstrated that all the students of our university is a one big happy students’ family. And it grows really nice kids.
The students, who successfully completed their trainings, were congratulated by the Dean of FOIG T.P.Tsapko, the Dean of CVU V.I.Hahanov, TSZFO Director Alexander V. Frolov, curator of Turkmen fraternities V.A.Lukyanova, Deputy Dean of FOIG T.V.Pahalkova-Soichi, and others.
Good luck, dear graduates!

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