The first results of cooperation with the University. V.Leybnitsa


A program ERASMUS + “ProgrammeKeyActon 1- Mobility for learners and staff.” Is implementing in NURE.

In accordance with it NURE students have practical training to defend diplomas in Leibniz University (Hannover). They have reimbursement for living expenses. In 2015, the program was attended by students of the Department of Informatics Tatiana Tolmacheva and Oleg Astappev, 2016 – Maxim Semikin (Department of Software Engineering) and Andrej Paleha (Informatics Department). Students participated in the L3S laboratory for European projects 7RP and were highly appreciated by the professor V.Neydla.

As a result of the internship, students Tatiana Tolmacheva and Oleg Astappev listened 4 disciplines: “Formal Concept Analysis”, “Formal methods in software development”, “Information research”, “Time-based information retrieval” and successfully defended their bachelor’s degree with a recommendation to continue research and publication work in international journals.

R&D project by Tolmachev was the “Development of a method to eliminate the ambiguity of proper names in text documents”, the theme of Astappeva was the “Development of effective methods of treatment of proper names from the data file.”

This year NURE was held distance protection of the bachelors’ diplomas by Arevik Avagyan and Irina Mukanovskaja with the live broadcast from the Hanover University, where students presented their projects: a simulator intubation and artificial larynx for speech reproduction. On October at Hannover University Lolita Tovstokor Mary Karakulina, Maxim Semikin and Andrei Paleha bagan their trainings.

MA Mechanics Faculty of the University of Hannover Filsen Maxim participates in the Biomedical Laboratory 3D-Printing Department of Biomedical Engineering of NURE under ERASMUS+ program. On 3-4 October 2016, he took part in the conference Ukrainian Medical Society “Modern methods of conservative and surgical treatment in otorhinolaryngology”, which took place in Kiev.

Maxim made a report, performed in collaboration with scientists from the KNMU and scientific director prof. Avrunin. The report was dedicated to the possibilities of the virtual three-dimensional and natural modeling of anatomical structures of the nasal cavity.

The study was concluded with international quadripartite agreement on scientific cooperation in the field of 3D-modeling and research of aerodynamics of the nasal cavity between NURE, KNMU, Ukrainian Dental Academy (Poltava) and the Hannover University.

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