The festive event devoted to the delivery of bachelors and masters diplomas to the graduates of TFFC


June 18, the festive event devoted to the delivery of diplomas to foreign students who graduated from master’s and bachelor’s degree in Russian language took place.

Action was organized by the Faculty for Training of Foreign Citizens with the support of administration of KhNURE.

The acting rector of KhNURE, professor Lesnaya N.S. who warmly congratulated masters and bachelors graduates, wished them professional development, success and expressed the hope for further cooperation of graduates with our university.

The congratulatory word was made by the dean of TFFC, Professor, the Doctor of Engineering Omarov M. A.: “… I think that today’s graduates understand that from what experts they became, what professionals they will be, not only the future of their countries, but the future of the Europe, the future of the whole world depends”.

Tsapko T.P. – the deputy dean of TFFC – in her sincere and warm appeal wished peace and prosperity to the graduates and to all the present, congratulated them with the successful end of study and assignment of qualification of the master and bachelor.

Heads and teachers of general education and main chairs – Tsyganenko V. L, Dementieva T.I, Lukyanov V.A., Saburova S. A., Demchenko V.A. – congratulated graduates and told them a lot of kind parting words.

The representative of the student’s Senate of KhNURE Rasulov Telman addressed to the graduates with the congratulatory word.

The festive atmosphere of the action was created by the actors of the KhNURE student’s club during the concert program.

The culmination of the event was the delivery of the diplomas with honors to the bachelors of specialty TKS Hudayberdiyev V. and Hodzhayev O.  and diplomas for a conscientious attitude to study, for active participation in life of faculty and university, for progress in sport and creativity to the best graduates of TFFC which was made by the acting rector Lesnaya N.S.

Dean of TFFC Professor M. A. Omarov handed diplomas to masters.

Deputy dean of TFFC Ass.Prof. Tsapko T.P. handed diplomas to bachelors.

Response words of gratitude were made by bachelors and masters of TFFC. They assured the management of the University and faculty that, thanks to the gained knowledge, they will be able not only to bring benefit to the countries, but also will glorify our remarkable University and faculty.

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