On June, 21 there was a round table called “The strategy of Development of Kharkiv 2020: IT-technology and creative economy.”
Victoria Gretskaya-Mirgorodska, the deputy Director of the Department of Sports image projects and marketing of the City Council, introduced the plan of the round table, informed about the next scheduled round tables (10 as a minimum) and focused on the importance of holding such events. ”Much has been done in the field of implementation of IT technologies in management. For example, in two clinics of Kharkiv an electronic registry has launched. The public cleaning mapgas already created and will be launched by the end of the year: each territory will be marked with an indication of which organization is responsible for the cleanliness – that will optimize costs and allocate responsibility, “- participants said.
 The concept of development of the region has been developed in 2012. Now, taking into account the events of the year 2014, some adjustments are performing and new strategy over the next 5 years is developing.
The Director of JSC “UPEC” on research and development, the deputy head of the supervisory board of NURE Professor Eduard Simson said: “Our city is in the zone of negative information field, because we are in the immediate vicinity of the problematic areas. It is necessary to intensify information campaigns to convince and remind everyone that we have a quiet and safe city.
 The second point, which drew the attention of E. Simson is the protection and use of intellectual property. “We need a political push to derive the research in market turnover. For development and launching of such a mechanism,we need 6-8 months. We need to create extraordinary conditions to attract investors, “- he said.
On behalf of NURE were also made a report:
Stanislav Ignatiev, the vice-rector for scientific and methodical work, executive director of the Ukrainian Institute of Regional Development, who was the moderator of the round table, as well as Ellina Medynska, the director of the International Cooperation Department.
 As a result, the participants worked out the main amendments for proposed program by the City Council.

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