Students KNURE demonstrate excellent knowledge in Hanover


Students of the following specialties finished study in the 7th semester ofuniversity of Wilhelm Leibniz Hannover Germany according to the program Erasmus + Mobility:

  1. Karakulina Marija INF-13- 1
  2. Semikin Maksym PI-13- 1
  3. Palekha Andrii INF-14- 1
  4. Tovstokor Lolita BME-14- 1

They attended lectures and carried out scientific researches in L3S laboratories of Institute of multiphase processes of university of Wilhelm Leibniz. They handed over on 3 examinations where received estimates from 1 to 1,8 on the German system, to ours there correspond estimates from 4 to 5.

The L3S laboratory within the intergovernmental program of students between Ukraine and Germany got additional grants for passing of study in the 8th semester.

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