Scientific Society “Applied Synergetics, Fractals and Wavelets” starts a number of workshops”Fractal structures and processes. 10 steps from theory to practice”


February 11 at 6 p.m. in the ITHub NURE (12 BakulinaStreet) the first lecture STEP#1 takes place.There will bepresentations

  • ”Basic information about fractals in nature and mathematics. Classification of fractals” – LyudmylaKirichenko, Dr.Sc., prof.,  Dept. of AM.
  • ”Fractals in the human body” – Elena Gavriushina, PhD student, Dept. of BME.
  • ”Construction of simple fractals usingWolfram Mathematica”–IllyaZinkevich, master student, Dept. of AM.
  • ” Georg Cantor is creator of sets, including fractal ones” – YulliaKobytska, PhD student, Dept. of AM.

The seminar will be hold in webinar format and participants from other citieswill take part. Everyone can join by link

Scientific Society “Applied Synergetics, Fractals and Wavelets” is ready to cooperate. Seminars are opento visits and participation.

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