Scientific Society “Applied Synergetics, Fractals and Wavelets” continuesa number of workshops”Fractal structures and processes. 10 steps from theory to practice”.


February18at 6 p.m. intheroom 367 ofthemainbuildingKNUREthe secondworkshop STEP#2 takes place.There will bepresentations

1) “Algorithms for constructing complex fractal objects. Iterated function systems. L-system” – VadymShergin, PhD, Ass. Prof.Dept. of AI, KNURE.
2)”Realization of algorithms for constructing the IFS and L-systems in Wolfram Mathematica” – IllyaZinkevich, master student, Dept. of AMKNURE.
3)”AristidLindenmayer– biologist who invented the formal language for the L-systems” – Kristina Kobytska, intern NUPh.

4)”Michael Barnsley – one of the founders of iterated function systems» – YulliaKobytska, PhD student, Dept. of AM, KNURE.

Participants from other cities can take part using the link registration throughFacebook or Goggle+. Then onehas to choose a course «Основысинергетики, фракталыивейвлеты»and “Тема2-вебинар”.

Scientific Society “Applied Synergetics, Fractals and Wavelets” is ready to cooperate. Seminars are opento visits and participation.

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