Official recognition ISACA Student Group


In July 2016 the Department of Telecommunication Systems, represented by Associate Professor Dobrynin Igor S. with the support of the International Cooperation Department completed the official recognition of extracurricular student group of professional orientation called ISACA Student Group. The coordinators of the Chicago office posted information on the recognition of our student group on the official website of the association ISACA:

The group formed for students of the specialty “Information Security Management” and “Administrative Management in the field of protection of information” in the framework of international cooperation programs of the university.

The purpose of the ISACA Student Group was to provide opportunities for students of specialties “Information Security Management” and “Administrative Management in the field of information security” with knowledge that will allow them to have a competitive advantage in the labor market and use the ISACA methodological materials for the expansion of their professional skills.

It should be noted that due to the recognition of ISACA Student Group, the University became one of the first partners of renowned international association ISACA in Ukraine.

Currently, the activities of ISACA Student Group at the University contributes to the quality in the field of information security management training of professionals, risk management and audits IT systems and information security management systems.

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