Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics in the person of the acting Rector Edward Rubin and Yanika Merilo on behalf of the Agency of e-government of Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Intent. The signing took place on April, 7 at 10.00 during the Third International Business Forum in Kharkiv Premier Palace.The parties will discuss the main directions of cooperation in the training of specialists in the system of e-governance based on NURE. It’s about the gradual formation of the areas of training of students: the creation and testing of the first specialized course on e-governance and smart cities (E-government & Smart Cities) for a wide range of stakeholders, the creation of an appropriate specialization for graduate students, and the final step will be the creation of the Department and accreditation of specialty.

Creation and development of systems, called “e-government” is one of the most promising areas, both in science and education. Nowadays, many of the administrative and municipal services are available in electronic form, and this is just a one of the elements of E-government. Painstaking work is going on at the central level by the regulatory consolidation of existing solutions as well as the creation of legal grounds for their further development.

At the same time NURE is one of the leading technical universities in the country with a theoretical and practical experience in the electronic management system in decision making, geographical information systems, cloud services, “smart cities”, so the preparation of the relevant professionals, based on the university, is the most logical step.

In turn, the Kharkiv region is one of the pilot regions for the implementation of e-government. Now in our region we begin the development and implementation of UNDP and EU project “Local development-oriented colossus – 4″. The main aspect of the implementation of the just will be the creation of pilot models of “smart cities”. To implement this project, the government has already appealed to the experts of NURE.

The acting Rector of NURE Eduard Rubin emphasized that the development of this trend in the university will take place in stages. First, students in the training program will include a number of specific courses that students will be able to choose, then, depending on the number of students interested in this area, it will be clear how many teachers will form a new department.

Eduard Rubin said: “The demand for this direction is already high and is guaranteed to attract a large number of students at the university and therefore – additional funding. However, the new department will be created at the expense of existing ones. Courses teachers are young professionals who have hands-on experience in the creation of such systems. Of course, students will be required to obtain and complete training in fundamental disciplines, which will provide existing university departments, which also gives them an additional burden. “

EGovernment Experts believe there is no such department in any Ukrainian university. NURE will be the first university, dared to take this step, responding quickly to global trends, so it ensures itself with a competitive advantage in the educational environment.

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