There were a Battle of the universities, in which teams from NURE, Kharkiv Aviation Institute and Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute presented their startup projects.Presented projects were at different stages: somebodies presented only an idea,someone brought the idea to the implementation stage, and only a few ones have submitted a finished product.

At the end of the contest NURE won the first position, HAI was on the second one, and KPIwas on the third one,

Our university presented the jury such projects:

The overall winner is AirSlides – really working addition to the browser and the web-based service that allows you to make interactive presentations (voting, polls, questions …).

«SIND» – working and has already gathered more than 500 users Web service management with gamification elements of assessing the success of the company’s employees.

«Vibio» – video- stream service with new features for video management.

«Providence» – already working software system that enables a web and mobile app to get information from the access control system.

 «Redde» – the web service of virtual currency for shopping centers and more.

Competitions is a way to test the strength of the project and its presenters on the credibility and the ability to convey to the audience their idea.

We congratulate the winners and wish them a successful implementation of their ideas in the future.

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