An in-depth training program for programmers, which will be as close as possible to the requirements of employers, was created at NURE.The program will be launched early next year, and students will be able to choose it as a 25% of that part of their main training program.

Intensive course will guide the best specialists in programming, theorists and practitioners, including – employees of IT companies, with the result that students will receive theoretical training and a fundamental, real skills of individual and team work on IT projects.

“Our goal is to teach students to solve high-level tasks, requiring systemic analysis of information, to help them to become truly analysts professionals, so they do not get lost in the mass of developers,” – said one of the initiators of the project, Alexander Medovoj (a member of the Supervisory Board of NURE, the head of the Kharkiv IT -clusters and the president of AltexSof), who introduced the idea of the students.

He believed that the project plans to attract interested companies, which will also be able to support it financially.

“We are planning to set up scholarships to boost students’ motivation. They need to understand that their most important resource is time, and personal success depends if they are able to invest this resource and gain actual knowledge or not”, – he added.

Study groups for the new course will be formed on September, 1. The only important condition is a strong mathematical background.

Acting Rector of NURE Eduard Rubin noticed that the new program was a vivid example of successful cooperation between the university and business. “Scientists and teachers – Professor Andrej Erokhin, Professor Zoya Dudar, Associate Professor Victor Kauk, Associate Professor Alexey Turuta, associate professor and assistant professor Igor Sokorchuk Alexander Vechur – developed special training courses, programs, methods of teaching students in these programs. Leading specialists of IT companies, in turn, will provide the practical side of training students and will involve them in real projects “, – said the head of NURE.

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