NURE is growing rapidly in the major university rankings


In 2016 NURE sharply improved its position in key global and national rankings of the best universities.

Thus, in the world ranking called Webometrics NURE moved to the 14th place among Ukrainian universities in 2016(the 152d place in 2015).

According to the recently published global rating «University Web Ranking 2016″, NURE was on the 27th place among Ukrainian universities and became the second one in Kharkov (in 2015 – 33 in Ukraine, 5 in Kharkiv, an the beginning of January 2016 – 36th place in the country and the 5th place in Kharkov). University Web Ranking assesses the popularity of more than 11 thousand universities of the world, including 130 Ukrainian, by popularity of their web properties.

The huge jump recorded in the consolidated ranking of universities in Ukraine, where NURE took the 13th place (previous rate – 46) and was the fourth among Kharkiv higher educational institutions (in 2015 – 10th place).

In the Scopus ranking, which assesses the citation of scientific papers, NURE moved from 19th to 18th place.

For ranking universities they use a variety of techniques. However, the main investigated parameters are similar: high schools are evaluated by the popularity of their web resources, the number of published electronic materials, and evaluated the scientific and pedagogical potential, quality of training, employer references, international activities, the implementation of scientific research and cooperation with the business.

“These ratings are definitely the results of the efforts of the whole team, but it would be wrong not to assess the contribution of the new management team, because in many respects the ratings reflect the new approaches to marketing, information policy, modern management system, we are now actively implementing. We will not rest on our laurels: the new academic year will be started with several reforms, which should be the result of the further growth of the university in all the top lists “- said Acting Rector Eduard Rubin, commenting on these results.


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