This year the championship was attended by 16 teams (12 universities teams and 4 Kharkiv club teams).

The team of our university, consisting of foreign students studying in SFLLC (students foreign language learning center, director – Gorbachev V.A.), ending the group stage on the 2nd place, advanced to the semifinals, where they lost Kharkiv state Academy of physical culture with the score 1:2.

On March, 25 the medalists were determined. Academy of physical culture and Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University met in the game for the 1st place. The regulation time ended in a draw (1: 1), and in the shoot of 11 meters strikes Automobile and Highway University students were stronger. In the game for the bronze medal between students of NURE and HGUPT (Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade) we had the similar scenario. Losing during the game, our players were able to even the score (1: 1). In the “football lottery” our team won with the score 4:2. Our team are winners of the winter championship in Kharkiv. They were awarded with the Kharkiv City Football Federation cup, diplomas and medals.

It should be noticed that there are only two universities are represented by two teams: Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture and our university. NURE team, consisting only of foreign students, has no analogues in Ukraine.

The team were established in 2010. During this time it became the winner and prize-winner of various competitions (bronze medalist of the tournament “Sport against racism” (2012), held under the auspices of the FARE; owner of Student League Cup FC “Metallist” (2014), winner of the Championship of Kharkiv among universities for the second group (2015)).

The university administration truly can share success with the players – they create all the necessary conditions to ensure the performance of the team. For example, among all participants in the Championship, only NURE team traveled to the games on the university bus.

We hope foreign students will continue to represent NURE in various competitions with honor.

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