NRG meeting 3 within the Tempus project (544010-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES)


At 10 November 2015 3 NRG meeting took place under the Tempus project (544010-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES) TATU (Training in automation technology for Ukraine).
            The purpose of the meeting to introduce representatives of firms integrators, installers, vendors, groups of university departments and management capabilities of KNURE equipments, received DOED department within the Tempus project TATU for for the organization training center of industrial automation in KHNURE.

            The resulting equipment allows students teaching at undergraduate and graduate, to conduct retraining and industry representatives the following technologies:
1. Programming of industrial controllers:

            1.1. PC Worx;

            1.2. CoDeSys.

2. Industrial network:

            2.1. Industrial Ethernet by Profinet;

            2.2. Industrial Ethernet by Modbus TCP;

            2.3. Proxy to PROFIBUS.

3. Wireless data transmission technology.

4. Real-time systems.

5. Standard OPC DA.

            Thus individual modules of the PLC programming, creation of HMI, and industrial networks can be used to improve the practical teaching discipline Industrial automation  departments in XNURE.

            The presentation was conducted equipment:
Head of Department DOED Klyuchnik Igor, who spoke about the implementation of Tempus project TATU since December 2013, and  that the project will last until December 2016. Result the project will be the establishment of a chair. DOED Training Center on industrial automation and the development of teaching moduls for teaching students and training specialists from the industry.
            Coordinator Tempus Project TATU Pavel Galkin,  who spoke about the prospects of equipment to organize master programs “Automation Engineering” and “Embedded Systems”, as well as the composition of the TSL (Tatu Smart Lab).

            Associate Professor Evseev Dmitry, who spoke about the prospects of TSL and expansion capabilities through additional modules.

            Student gr. REZm-1.15 V. Gavrilenko Vitaliy, who shared his impressions from working with new equipment, and to participants training in. Ivano-Frankivsk at the Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oil and Gas, where project partners from the European Union conducted training on TSL.

            From industry representatives made engineer LLC “Phoenix Contact” Korobov Arthur  who confirmed that the establishment of industrial training center in KNURE  is relevant, since the industry technologies presented in TSL are widely used in Ukraine.

            From high school leadership were acting Rector prof. Natalya Lesna  and Vice-Rector prof. Slipchenko Nikolay who spoked that the project was made possible with the activetes  DOED with companies from industrial automation (in 2010 the laboratory EduNet German company Phoenix Contact) and participation in the Association of Industrial automation Ukraine, which made it possible to also get feedback from industry, which is needed for technology for training. Leadership of university willing participants and Partner Tempus project success in the project, and not to stop and in the future, empower teachers and students by Erasmus+ projects.

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