Last Friday, the famous American businessman of Ukrainian origin, Michael Blazer visited NURE, where in Soviet times he was educated in “Digital electronics and quantum physics” department.He gave a lecture about his own story of success, the key to which was the education received in Ukraine. “Many people coming to the United States or Europe, looking for a place of study, wanting to get a foreign diploma. I, having the engineering degree, went to work immediately, and all that I know and can now is due to the NURE education basis”.

American businessman likes NURE ambitious plans. During a meeting with Acting Rector Eduard Rubin, he said that he was ready to take part in the development of the university as an investor ofthe endowment fund and “SigmaBlazer” could become one of the fund management companies too.

According Michael Blazer, Ukraine inherited a reputation as a country with strong scientific potential and effective educational system and still known as a country of great physicists, mathematicians, and scientists in the field of astronautics.

“We need to build on this our marketing strategy, and to attract foreign students. Many American students would come to learn from our teachers, if they had the chance. Therefore it is necessary to develop an exchange program, I am sure they would be in great demand among the students of American universities” Blazer believes.

He also urged the students to study consciously, with the understanding that any area of science, in particular, teaches people to think for themselves.

As reported earlier, the Acting Rector E. Rubin announced the creation of an endowment fund, which will accumulate funds for the development of the university. The Fund investors will be the well-known businessmen, graduated from NURE.

Michael Blazer, the president of SigmaBlazer, was born in 1951 in Kharkov. He graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Radioelectronics, in 1978 he emigrated to the United States, went into business and became one of the most successful American immigrants. He worked at Exxon Corporation and Ernst & Young, where he made a quick career. SigmaBlazer owner, which being the operator of several investment funds, has become one of the largest investors in the Ukrainian economy. The company invests in different directions, including the field of information technologies and telecommunications. The country’s largest operator of cable networks company “Will-cable” is the largest project of thebusinessman in the field.

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