Integration into European international academic programs


The development of European education is not possible without the introduction of international academic programs. This month at the Department NURE TAPR signed a new agreement for the implementation of the academic program of Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).

As part of the academic program to NURE will be provided free educational license to the base units of computer-aided design high level of Creo Parametric, and licenses for Creo Parametric with additional options (design, strength calculations, CNC machining) and other software products for the educational process of training students and professional development of specialists. PTC Creo allows you to open a new potential simultaneous 3D-modeling and design, develop programs for CNC machine tools based on modern CAD / CAM / CAE system Creo Parametric.

It is worth noting that this is not the first experience of the Department Taprom implementation of such programs in the training of modern specialists in the field of Industrial Automation, currently successfully implemented a program with such firms as Siemens (academic program PLM GO) and Education Centre is open from AutoDesk. Students not only learn, but also take part in international competitions, which have repeatedly proved that NURE – the leader in the preparation of modern IT- specialists.

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